Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Proposal and an Assessment?

Whether for a proposal or an assessment, one of our professionally trained Stagers will visit the property to assess the situation. A "proposal" is free of charge and our company will provide an estimate for what our company will charge to deliver, install, and pickup the appropriate amount of furniture, furnishings, and artwork to help make that emotional connection to your property in the eyes of the buyers coming to view the home. An "assessment" is a detailed report that is provided for a fee. The Stager will detail out, room by room, suggestions for what needs to be done to make your home looks its best for showings. This will include any notes regarding the outside of the home, too. Both an assessment and a proposal are delivered back to the client within 24 hours of the Stager's visit to the property.

How much does it cost to Stage my house?

Our team works with your listing agent to identify the demographic of the buyer and comes up with a solution for your home that resonates with the targeted buyer. We have worked in lots of neighborhoods in the metro area and surrounding towns; so we have a very good idea as to who is likely going to be the buyer of the property. When we visit the property we take notes on how the rooms flow from one to another; taking into account what you see from various angles when walking through the space. This is why we are not able to provide an estimate over the phone - it all depends on how much furniture, furnishings, and artwork is required to give the place the polish it needs. Our base price is $1,900 for a 60-day contract. That generally covers the living room, dining area, kitchen, and master bedroom. The base price may be enough to create a beautiful space in a smaller home or condo - but obviously will not be enough to handle a 6,000 square foot home. As a reminder, proposals are free of charge.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

The contract provides protection for all of us, but mostly it outlines what is expected of the client and the listing agent and details how any issues are to be handled. Our company is putting upwards of several thousands of dollars worth of inventory into your home and we simply want to make sure that everyone is aware of the "Do's and Dont's" of handling the furnishings while the property is professionally staged. We deliver mostly new or lightly used furnishings, artwork, and rugs with the expectation that the items will come back to us in the same condition. And if it does not, the contract describes how those instances are handled.

Am I responsible for any damages?

The client is ultimately response for any damages done to the inventory placed in the property. Just as our team is responsible for any damages we may have caused during the delivery or return of the items. Everything is handled very transparently and fair - we do not want anything coming back damaged or broken. In the rare instance where that happens, we have one of our local vendors handle the repair or cleaning and provide the bill back to the client. If somehting is broken, we can usually replace it via our network of wholesale vendors and will be sure to pass along the savings (from retail) to the client. We do not want the client to try and clean/fix the items themselves...that may make things worse. Our team is always fair and upfront about the status of the damaged/broken items. If we need to order a replacement it is not at retail pricing.

What happens if something is stolen?

Things like this can happen whether the property is occupied or vacant. There is always a risk that someone will walk away with something, either without the buyer's agent knowledge; or sometimes it could be the agent; we never know for certain. As stated in the contract, the client is responsible for any damages, repairs, cleaning, or replacement of our inventory that is in their home for the duration of the contract. Please contact our team right away if you find anything damaged, broken, or stolen. We do not take any of this personally, and we will work with the client to make sure that the items are repaired, cleaned, or replaced at the best possible price. We source our inventory from several different vendors, but none of them are retail stores. And we do not charge retail pricing for the replacement; we do need to cover all expenses (including freight) in order to get a replacement item sent to our warehouse. Our promise is to work closely with the client to make sure that everything is corrected with minimal impact to the showing state of the property.